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We are Consultants that implement and develop sustainable digital solutions. We work with ambitious people and organisations to transform their business and implement the future.

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Bluestage consulting

We closely work with our clients in all stages of a transformation from value proposition to support.

Bluestage is the trusted digital advisor to you and your business.
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Bluestage provides a platform and services that help our clients navigate

Bluestage combines expertise from management consulting, digital implementation, and hands-on development to help our clients improve their customer relationships and build for a leaner and sustainable future.

  • Bluestage consulting
    Tobias Lund Jeremiassen

    CEO & Technical Solution Architect

  • Bluestage consulting
    Vimal Semwal

    Technical Architect

  • Bluestage consulting
    Bogdan Muntean

    Solution Architect

  • Bluestage consulting
    Simon Oliver Hansen

    Solution Consultant

  • Bluestage consulting
    Mikkel Ovesen

    Technical Analyst


We work with our clients through all project stages and believe true success and value are achieved through strong collaboration.

With a client-first approach we always start partnerships by understanding our clients’ business – its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This enables us to deliver value as your trusted advisor in all stages of the transformation journey.

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Bluestage specialises in connecting strategy and technical implementation to develop sustainable and high performance digital solutions that increase efficiency and profitability.


Bluestage goes beyond implementation, development, and integration. We work with our clients to understand their reality and vision to co-create a sustainable value proposition and digital strategy enabled by high-performance solutions and roadmaps


Data is the foundation of every business and decision. Bluestage specialises in data platforms, migration and integration, and data management. We enable you to make your data accessible and actionable.


We are specialised in implementing Salesforce solutions and tailoring the tool to our client’s particular needs. We work with our clients on various implementation projects; from delivering quick and simple QuickStart implementations perfectly suited to small to medium-sized businesses to leading and engaging global full end-to-end multi-cloud project lifecycles.